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Pets + Fire = Danger: Tips in DeKalb from ServiceMaster by Skip

From faulty wiring and appliances to lightning strikes, home fires can happen for many reasons. One culprit or cause you may not have considered may be your own pet. That’s right; the companion who responds to your commands (well, most of the time) may actually be a risk when it comes to fire safety. It’s not just dogs and cats though; wild animals can cause fires as well. If you do have a fire in your home, no matter what the cause, ServiceMaster by Skip is your best option when it comes to fire disaster clean up, fire damage repair and restoration in the DeKalb County, IL area.

If you have the right size of dog with the right personality and a taste for good cooking, you already know about leaving food out on the counter or stovetop. A medium to large-sized dog may try to jump up to the counter or stovetop and hit one of the stove knobs with a paw. That means instant flames, or if the burner doesn’t light for some reason, an escape of gas that could be worse. This is not as unusual as it sounds. A case in New Jersey happened just last year. If you don’t crate the dog when you’re away, take the knobs off the stove when you leave or get a stovetop with pet-safe controls.

Cats, birds and rodents can also cause fires. Don’t burn candles as cats are often attracted by the open flame. They’ll bat at it, potentially knocking over the candle. If you have curious cats, try non-flame LED candles instead. Wild birds and mice can nest in the exhaust outlet for your clothes dryer causing a fire hazard. Birds can also nest on top of your chimney, clogging the flue. If you use your fireplace regularly, have it checked at least every other year for such obstructions. Most have wire mesh at the top to keep pests from getting in, but with an older home the mesh may have deteriorated.

Don’t forget about wiring and cords. Make sure they are covered and isolated from gnawing critters. Cats, mice, squirrels are just some of the animals that chew on electrical cords.

If you do have a fire in your home let ServiceMaster by Skip help with fire damage repair and restoration as well as the initial fire damage clean up. We’re your disaster recovery professionals in Sycamore, DeKalb and DeKalb County. Call us today.