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Mold Removal in Somonauk, Illinois with ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip

When you mention water in Somonauk, Somonauk Creek and Lake Holiday may well come to mind. Somonauk, IL is drained by the creek’s watershed, and the lake was formed from the creek a generation ago to create additional recreation. Water can also mean severe damage if it ends up in a Somonauk home or business, whether the result of heavy rains causing a natural water body to extend its banks or a plumbing mishap originating on site. Any kind of excessive moisture in an enclosed space can quickly result in mold damage. If standing water or high humidity in a basement isn’t removed in a timely manner, mold can develop, putting family members at risk for allergies and lowering your investment in your home. The mold removal experts at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip will respond promptly to determine the level of mold that may be in your home or business.

Mold can be an unsightly infestation that grows and spreads quickly. Unfortunately, it can also be invisible when it’s behind walls, wallboard, and wallpaper, in dark corners, or above ceiling tile. If you can smell a musty odor, it’s probably mold. Mold is a fungus that sprouts from spores that can stay dormant for long periods. According to the University of Illinois Extension Service, mold thrives on almost any kind of organic material, including wood, paper, cardboard, cloth fibers, leather, or any kind of grease or small particles of food that happen to be on hard surfaces. To avoid mold or mildew growth they offer the following tips:

Make sure your ventilation system is working properly, with outdoor exhausts, especially in all bathroom and laundry areas.

  • If a basement area is closed but has water outlets, consider adding a dehumidifier. In addition to seeing or smelling mold, any condensation on pipes or water accumulations on floors are key indicators of a problem.
  • Don’t overfill storage closets, and move furniture an inch or so from walls to increase air flow.
  • Keep doors between rooms open to improve circulation
  • Wipe down walls and other surfaces regularly with bleach solutions in humid areas.

If flooding occurs or has happened in the past, a mold inspection is a good idea. We will find the mold no matter where it is and take all professional steps for mold removal and remediation. Your best solution for mold damage restoration in Somonauk, IL and surrounding areas is ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip. Give us a call today.