Preventing Mold Growth After Water Damage This Winter in Sandwich

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Preventing Mold Growth After Water Damage This Winter in Sandwich, IL

Snow is falling and slush is accumulating, which means winter has arrived in Sandwich, IL! Although your biggest worry may be avoiding slippery sidewalks and shoveling the driveway during this time of year, have you thought about what’s happening inside your home?

Wet, winter months create a perfect environment for mold to thrive, especially after experiencing water damage in or around your home. If you’re concerned about mold growth within your home, here are a few ways to prevent it this winter!

Allow Circulation: Opening a window may not be ideal for indoor temperatures this time of year, but proper air circulation does help prevent mold from growing and spreading. If you’re concerned about the cold, a fan will also do the trick!

Replace Mortar: If your basement’s mortar is cracked or damaged, water may be leaking into your home and creating a perfect area for mold growth. Check for leaks or wet flooring, and make sure to fix that mortar damage!

Condensation Check: Keep an eye out for condensation forming inside your home such as on interior windowpanes or walls. Condensation indicates that there may be a leak in your home, or perhaps a high level of humidity, both of which encourage mold growth.

Clean Gutters: Leaves trapped in wet, cold gutters create a good environment for mold growth. Make certain to clean out your gutters regularly, especially before a huge snowfall or deep freeze!

Keep an eye out for mold growth in your home this winter in Sandwich, IL, and contact the professionals if you need additional help. The folks at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip know exactly how to handle mold removal and remediation and will make sure that your home is safe from mold this season.

Ready to get rid of that mold after experiencing water damage? Give our professional cleaners a call today at (815) 498-9696!