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How to Avoid Water Damage to Your Home During the Winter

Here in Genoa and Cortland, IL, we’ve managed to avoid the harsh wrath of winter that has paralyzed much of the East Coast. Well, so far, anyway. After all, here in the Midwest, winter can strike with surprising ferocity well into March and April. So, we have some winter vigilance to maintain for awhile.

A major part of that vigilance is to be aware of the constant winter specter of water damage. Winter water damage can take many forms, and some of them can be downright invisible right up until you notice puddles of water forming on the floor beneath a dripping ceiling caused by water damage from ice dams on your roof.

Ice dams aren’t the only winter water damage concern. Frozen pipes, of course, are a water damage danger any time the temperatures stay particularly cold for an extended amount of time.

Further, snow packs or drifts up against your house can absorbed enough of your home’s heat to melt their way into cracks in the foundation. Snow melt can also seep up and under your home’s siding and cause considerable water damage and require expensive water damage restoration.

Take steps to minimize these risks.

Keep your roof as clear of snow as possible, preferably by using a long-handled snow rake while standing firmly and safely on the ground. Shovel built-up snow away from the immediate perimeter of your home to protect your foundation and siding. Also, check the foundation within your home for cracks that can be filled and repaired.

In the event your home experiences water damage, you can always count on the water damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip. Our water damage restoration expertise is available to you 24/7/365. You can rely on us at a moment’s notice if and when your discover water damage within your home. Time is of the essence to minimize catastrophic water damage, and we’re on call with the materials and equipment to save your home through our proven water damage restoration process.

Protect your home from potential water damage this winter, and know that ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip always stands ready to assist you.