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3 Home Floor Cleaning Recipes in Sandwich, IL

Floor cleaning is an important task in the Sandwich, IL, area, especially when it comes to prepping your home for a busy autumn. Although there are a number of different products you can purchase to remove dust, dirt, scuffs, and scratches, there are also ways to make effective cleaning products yourself.

Looking to get your floors clean with items found around your home? Here are a few floor cleaning recipes for you to follow!

Recipe 1: This is a basic, commonly used recipe for home cleaning products! All you need are equal parts vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar works well when it comes to degreasing areas of your home, whereas baking soda successfully absorbs odors. When combined, this simple mix works well as a home floor cleaner.

Recipe 2: Sticking with the basic ingredients of vinegar and baking soda, recipe two gets a little fancier. Toss some essential oils into the mix in order to fill your home with fun and soothing scents. Recommended oils are lavender, vanilla, or lemon. Make sure to start off with just a few drops to test out the strength of the aroma!

Recipe 3: Although the main ingredient in this recipe might not be so common around the house, its powerful cleaning properties make it a must-have for fall! Mix together borax cleaner and warm water for serious floor cleaning. After usage, make sure to rinse trace amounts from your skin and keep out of any children’s reach.

Although creating your own home cleaning products can be as simple as one, two, or three ingredients in Sandwich, IL, there’s an easier way to make sure your floors get clean. Rather than mixing your own products, why not hire a professional from ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip for your home floor cleaning needs? Give our professionals a call at (815) 498-9696 today!