Holiday Safety Tips- Christmas Tree Fire Damage

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Holiday Safety Tips- Christmas Tree Fire Damage

DeKalb, IL fire damage restoration by ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip

The holiday season and the ensuing weeks that follow can be a hazardous time if you prefer live Christmas trees and swag in your home. Sure, it all looks great and smells even better, but if you neglect to water your tree or accidentally keep candles a bit too close to real swag, the risk for sudden holiday disaster increase considerably.

A severely dry Christmas tree can be completely consumed by fire in just over a minute, and the associated damage—both from fire and smoke—can be disastrous. Similarly, dry swag can burn just as quickly and cause considerable fire damage and smoke damage.

Be proactive and keep live trees watered regularly. A live Christmas tree can absorb an astonishing amount of water daily—up to a gallon or more—so it’s good practice to check and water your tree both in the morning and again at night.

It’s equally important to ensure any electrical outlets and lights aren’t faulty, because even a properly watered tree can still burn and cause fire damage and smoke damage if exposed to a heat or ignition source.

Finally, don’t hang onto your tree for too long after the holidays. Eventually, that live tree will die no matter how much watering you do, and the needles will dry out and begin to fall. A good rule of thumb is to dispose of your tree as soon after New Year’s Day as you can. As for live swag, due to the fact it cannot be properly watered, dispose of it as soon as the Christmas Day festivities are done.

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