Handling Fire Damage Cleanup in Illinois with ServiceMaster

Handling Fire Damage Cleanup in the Cortland, Illinois Area

When it comes to cleaning up your home after fire damage in Cortland, IL, it’s important to make sure that you’re taking the right steps to protect your family and your home. Rather than trying to figure out the process as you go, why not do the research first so you can make the right moves when recovering from a fire?

There are a few important steps to consider as you tackle fire damage. Before you dive in, let’s take a look at how to begin:

Remove Mold and Mildew: Fire damage usually also comes with water damage. After a hose puts out the fire, the leftover water often results in mold growth. If left untreated, mold and mildew can spread to other areas of your home, which might negatively impact your health. Make sure to air out the house by opening windows and turning on fans!

Dry Clean Clothing: Smoke and soot have a long-lasting effect on your home, especially fabrics and other upholstered items. Rather than just tossing your clothing into the washing machine, consult a dry cleaner with post-fire experience. They’ll ensure that your clothes are odor free!

Repair Walls: After small fires, it may be possible to scrub down your walls with detergent, bleach, and a good quality sponge. Large fires, however, may require more intensive care such as professional cleaners and repainting. Contact professionals to double-check which type of cleaning your home will need!

Clean Dishes: Your dishes often collect smoke and soot after a fire and, since they will be in contact with food, make sure to clean each item thoroughly. Allow dishes to soak in both bleach and water. If the dish doesn’t come clean, throw it away rather than risking your health!

Handling fire damage is a challenging undertaking in Cortland, IL. Rather than doing it alone, take the time to contact a professional. At ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip, we know how to clean up after a fire. Give us a call at (815) 754-5500 today!