Floor Cleaning with Commercial Cleaning Services in Sandwich IL

Commercial Cleaning Services in Sandwich, Illinois, with ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip

The moment a businessperson opens a public space, whether a retail outlet, professional office, health clinic, or some type of institutional office, they immediately invite people to make judgments. Warranted or not, those judgments are made on the basis of what people see and experience when they step inside. If the carpeting isn’t clean or the hard surface flooring isn’t shiny, the perception of the business drops a notch even before you have a chance to interact with the person. It’s the case in Sandwich, Illinois, or anywhere a business has first-time visitors. A professional commercial cleaning service is the best bet against unwarranted judgments. In Sandwich, that means ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip.

We’ll visit and discuss your commercial cleaning needs as well as any special concerns. Perhaps you need more attention to the busiest part of the building, or you have a tile floor that’s been the focus of heavy traffic. We can plan to best meet your time schedule and budget. We’ll thoroughly clean your carpeting and then work with you to schedule regular maintenance of your carpets going forward. Carpeting is much easier to clean if it’s serviced regularly, plus it adds life to your investment.

If you have hard surface floors in your business, we can make them shine whether they’re hardwood floors, the new laminates, linoleum, vinyl, ceramic, marble, concrete, or even stone. And we won’t just clean commercial flooring; we’ll do vinyl tile stripping and waxing, hardwood floor polishing or refinishing, and polish marble or other stone surfaces. Did we mention grout? We’ll use the latest techniques and solutions to clean the gray out of the grout between your ceramic tiles and make it white again. If needed, we’ll replace the grout on any tile floor.

What could be better? How about the fact we guarantee our work? If something isn’t cleaned to your satisfaction, we’ll make it right. We know the success of your business in Sandwich is critical to you and your staff. Let ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip help you make your business look its best. Contact us today at (815) 498-9696.