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Fireplace Safety in DeKalb with ServiceMaster by Skip


Fireplaces and wood burning stoves may take the chill off a fall day or may be a major part of your home heating program. Either way, improperly used, they could start a fire in your home. You want the comforting smell of a cheery fireplace, not the smell of smoke and soot that you could have easily avoided. ServiceMaster by Skip is your local professional for fire and smoke damage repair and restoration in DeKalb, Sycamore, and elsewhere in DeKalb County. We want you to have a warm and safe heating season.

The University of Illinois Extension Service will tell you the obvious, but often ignored safety precautions on burning wood in your home:

• Overbuild fires, no matter how cold it is
• Use evergreen branches or anything that will spark, flare, or explode
• Light a fire using kerosene, gasoline, or any kind of flammable liquid
• Leave a fire unattended

• Clean and inspect your fireplace or wood-burning stove before you begin burning for the season
• Have your chimney checked for dangerous deposits or animal nests that can catch fire
• Always use a screen whenever operating your fireplace and keep the door shut tight on any stove
• Keep anything burnable out of the area and keep a fire extinguisher handy

Additionally, the Extension experts say it’s important to use the right kind of wood. By that they mean hardwood (they have a complete list of good options) with the right moisture content. By that they mean wood with less than 20-15% moisture. That’s pretty dry. You should know where your wood came from and how long it has dried. If it was cut a year ago and covered from moisture, it should be okay. If not, you will run the risk of smoke and lingering odors filling your home, not to mention high levels of frustration. That’s a risk in itself, because people are more likely to use accelerants to get a slow fire going, and that can spell disaster. Unless you cut it yourself, buy your firewood from a reputable outfit that guarantees the moisture content.

If you experience a fire in your home, we can help with fire damage repair, smoke removal, odor removal, and fire damage restoration in DeKalb, Sycamore and DeKalb County, as well as nearby communities. ServiceMaster by Skip is your best option for fire disaster repair and remediation. Call us today.