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Protect Your Residential Carpets This Winter and Invest in an Entryway Rug in Genoa, IL

Winter is a messy time of year in Genoa, IL! With sleet and slush and snow and ice, there is a lot that gets tracked through the door and into your home. Rather than allowing all of that grime and water to melt into your residential carpet, invest in a high-quality entryway rug to keep those carpets clean!

Exactly what should you be looking for in an entryway rug? Let’s take a look!

Size: Make certain that you purchase a rug that fits properly in your entryway. A small rug will look out of place in a large foyer, and it will also leave areas of flooring or carpet vulnerable to water damage.

Space: Check the size of the space between your floor and the door. If the space is narrow, don’t purchase a thick or shag rug. The constant wear of the door will decrease the life of the rug and will also make it less effective in trapping outdoor mud or sleet before it’s tracked onto your residential carpets.

Patterns: Consider purchasing a rug with a pattern. Especially during the winter months, patterned rugs tend to be more forgiving in disguising dirt, slush, salt, or spills. For the same reason, consider choosing a darker colored rug as well!

Cleaning: Before purchasing a rug, make certain that you understand how to clean it properly. An entryway rug will get dirty throughout the wintertime, so if you’re able to find a rug that’s easily cleaned, it will save you a lot of time and effort!

When purchasing a rug for wintertime in Genoa, IL, make certain you take the time to understand what you’re really getting! A high-quality, correctly sized rug will keep your indoor carpets free from slush and dirt and will also increase their lifespan.

Already experiencing carpet damage or dirtiness this winter? Have no fear! The professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services by Skip know how to remove even the trickiest winter stains. Give us a call at (815) 754-5500 to get your residential carpets cleaned today!