What Does Disaster Restoration Entail? ServiceMaster by Skip Explains

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Disaster Restoration Services in DeKalb, Illinois, with ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip

What is disaster restoration? We’re not necessarily talking about a tornado or massive flooding disaster due to the overflowing of a local river. A friend of ours recently heard an unusual hissing sound in her home. A frozen pipe in the garage had ruptured and caused a backup of water into the basement. She found water spurting through the drywall in her laundry room. A quick turn of a main valve changed a potential flood disaster into an hour of mopping and drying out.

What if no one had been home? What if that had been your home in DeKalb, IL? Whether it’s water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, or high wind damage, disaster restoration in DeKalb is best left to the experts at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip. It doesn’t take much of an incident to become a full-blown home disaster for you and your family. The scenario of a pipe leaking or breaking when people aren’t home is a common example. The running bathtub faucet with a blocked drain is another instance. Something as simple as a washcloth blocking the overflow drain can translate into major flood damage.

To answer our question about disaster restoration, it means restoring the structure and its contents to the same, or better shape, than it was in before the disaster struck. That includes water removal, debris cleanup, pack out of contents, and full restoration of anything that isn’t destroyed, from valuable books, documents and photographs, to furniture, art, antiques, even appliances and computers. Flood, fire, or smoke damage is thoroughly cleaned away, and the structure is fully restored and deodorized. By the time we’re through, everything will look great and smell fresh and clean.

We’ll respond promptly. It’s best to call us as soon as possible – right after the fire department leaves – or after your plumber or electrician says it’s safe after a flood. Don’t take any risks with your safety or health. Let disaster repair and restoration professionals do the job right the first time and save you money and stress. In DeKalb, IL, call ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip at (815) 754-5500.