Differences DIY and Professional Carpet Cleaning in Genoa IL

Differences DIY and Professional Carpet Cleaning in Genoa IL

Many of us want to take care of cleaning our household carpets ourselves. It seems pretty simple, right? First you rent the necessary equipment, look up instructions, get the cleaning and drying of the carpets, and then revel in a job well done. But can you guarantee that your carpets are completely cleaned? ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip is an IICRC certified carpet cleaner in Genoa, IL and we want your carpets to be the cleanest they can be. Here are some differences between do-it-yourself (DIY) and professional carpet cleaning.

Surface Cleaning vs Deep Fiber Cleaning

Vacuums will remove the top level of soil, but many particles are found in the lower levels of carpet fibers. Most consumer-bought vacuums can’t reach these particles because they have permeated too deeply from the everyday grinding of foot traffic. While you can get by on standard top-level vacuuming, your carpet is at greater risk if the deep-rooted soils are not dealt with. You’ll see your carpets degrade and fade a lot faster than if those lower-level soils were properly removed. Professional carpet cleaners have specialized equipment to get to those particles that are buried deep. Professionals will also have better knowledge of fiber types to ensure that no harm is done to the carpeting during the cleaning process.

Cheapest Products vs Industry Approved Products

When you go to the store, there are so many carpet cleaning products that promise you great results. You may even have coupons for some of the major brands to get those cleaning agents for cheap. Unfortunately, many of these agents have chemicals and perfumes that would cause more harm than good. Carpet experts have industry-approved products specialized for different carpet types. The solutions they use will truly clean, protect, and beautify your specific carpeting. You can also ask your carpet service provider if they have green cleaning products.

Most-of-the-way Dried vs Completely Dried

DIY cleaning methods will often advise you to keep your windows open and turn on a few fans to dry your carpets after a cleaning. If you really want your carpets to dry properly without any leftover residue or moisture, there is more needed than a few fans. Not using proper drying techniques leaves your carpeting susceptible to mold growth and water damage. You also risk damaging the flooring below your carpets and the furniture above it. Carpet cleaning experts have industrial drying equipment that will quickly and thoroughly dry the carpet fibers down to their roots. Professionals also know how to protect your flooring and furniture during the cleaning/drying process.

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning methods may seem more convenient and cheap, but without the proper knowledge and equipment, you could shorten the lifespan of your carpets, thereby costing you more money for replacements. On a daily basis, feel free to clean your carpets yourself, but for that deep clean that will keep your carpets beautiful and healthy long-term, leave it to the professionals. For more information on our carpet cleaning plans in Genoa, IL, call ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip.