Winter Commercial Air Duct Cleaning from ServiceMaster in DeKalb, IL

Time to Schedule Your Winter Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in DeKalb, IL

Have you noticed a greater occurrence of cold and flu symptoms within your commercial business this winter? Do you sometimes wonder if your heating system is working effectively? Does your heating bill seem out of control, especially compared to previous years? Then it may be time for a winter duct cleaning in DeKalb, IL!

There are a number of reasons to clean your ductwork this time of year. Let’s take a look to find out exactly how you can get the best results from your ducts throughout the cold season.

Air Quality: Those recurring colds or flu might just be a result of poor indoor air quality. Oftentimes, buildings stay closed up during the wintertime, which makes circulating fresh air throughout the building a challenge. A good duct cleaning will give you a fresh start, and hopefully, reduce some of those cold symptoms!

Cleaning: Does dust seem to collect around the office as fast as you can clean it up? If it does, then the air duct system in your home may not be working effectively. Cleaning out the air duct system will remove build up and reduce the amount of dust sprinkled around your home!

Pricing: Clogged or crowded air ducts do not circulate warm air around your commercial space well, which makes it harder to heat. Rather than continuing to crank up the thermostat and hoping for the best, invest in a high-quality air duct cleaning instead!

Investing in an air duct cleaning will make your life easier this winter in DeKalb, IL. Rather than wondering why your air ducts might not be working effectively or keeping your office safe from allergens this winter, invest in a duct cleaning and get to the bottom of it.

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