Keep Safe with Professional Floor Cleaning for Genoa, IL

Keep Safe With Clean Floors in the Genoa, Illinois Area

Spending summertime in an office in the Genoa, Illinois area has a few pros and cons. Although it can be challenging to spend sunny days looking out the window at the sunshine, free air conditioning or a reprieve from the heat can certainly be a welcome relief throughout July and August!

Air conditioning and closed off spaces, however, are often detrimental to air quality within the office. This is especially true if your spaces are carpeted or on the first floor where folks track pollen, dander, and dirt from outdoors. It’s important to make sure that floors stay clean and that employees stay healthy!

Here are a few summertime floor cleaning tips to keep your office looking fresh and employees feeling healthy:

Use Signs: If you’re doing any sort of floor cleaning, make sure that all employees are aware before you begin. It’s unsafe to assume that workers will know the floor is wet or waxed, so make sure to put up signs in easy to see areas!

Move Furniture: Shift large desks, chairs, and tables out of the way to allow for greater access to the floors. Generally, it works best to put these items on the outer edge of a room or in a different room entirely!

Debris Check: Look over the floor for large scraps of paper, wrappers, or other debris before you start to clean. Pick up these items by hand, with a vacuum cleaner, or a broom before wetting the floor with a mop.

Deep Clean: For carpeted spaces, a rental carpet cleaner can shampoo and condition carpets so that they stay fresh and dirt-free. For tiles or laminate floors, a good mopping with an environmentally-friendly cleaner will do wonders for your indoor air quality!

Contact a Professional: Rather than figuring all of these floor cleaning techniques out for yourself in the Genoa, Illinois area, why not contract a professional to get the job done right? The professional office floor cleaners at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip understand how to clean a number of different kinds of floors within your office spaces.

If you want to ensure that your indoor air quality remains safe this summer, start with what’s underfoot. Call our professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip today at (815) 754-5500.