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Carpet Cleaning Services in Somonauk, Illinois, with ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip

If you’re like many of us, this is the period in Somonauk, IL, when the furnace has been turned on permanently, not just for a chilly day now and then. This also means people will be spending more time indoors. It’s too cool for the patio or deck, so your family and guests are in the living room or family room. Instead of playing on the lawn, young children are now playing on the carpeted floor. Are your carpets ready for it?

Professional carpet cleaning by ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip will ensure your wall-to-wall carpet and large area rugs are thoroughly cleaned and ready for the upcoming holiday season.

The grit and grime of summer can be found on and in your carpet fibers. Small stones, sand, and dirt deposited by the brushing and scuffing of footwear has become deeply embedded into the tufts near the carpet backing. This deep-down filth can’t be removed with regular vacuuming. These hard particles are compressed every time someone walks over them, grinding them against the fibers and cutting or damaging the threads. It’s one of the reasons you may find loose bits of tufting on top of the carpet. It’s a story of double risk: high traffic areas collect more dirt and grime, plus they are more susceptible to carpet damage because of the dirt itself.

You may have concerns about food or pet stains on your carpeting. Perhaps you tried to remove them yourself but werent successful, and now fear there might be permanent damage. Relax – from food and wine spills to pet urine stains and odors, we’re the experts at removing the most difficult and malodorous stains!

If you have large area rugs or oriental carpets in your Somonauk home or business, we can thoroughly clean these as well, returning them clean and bright with their original colors like new.

If you’ve never experienced our carpet cleaning services, well conduct a walk through with you to inspect the carpeting in your home or business, and then discuss the best cleaning approach that fits your budget and schedule. Properly maintained and cleaned carpeting actually stays cleaner longer and gives many more years of service. For the finest residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Somonauk, IL, ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip is your best choice!