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Carpet Cleaning in Sandwich, Illinois with ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip

Sandwich, Illinois is located at a latitude that gives it moderate but variable temperatures even in the coldest months of the year. According to Intellicast, a tracker of climates across the country, Sandwich’s winter temperatures can vary from below to above the freezing mark on a weekly or even daily basis. In January and February, the average snowfall amounts to about eight inches per month, and while the temperature averages around 29 degrees, many of the days have highs in the mid-30s or higher before dropping well below freezing at night. If you add those two weather factors—the snow and variable temperature—what do you get?

Snowmelt and mud. That means the first three months of the year are not great on your carpet. The first quarter of 2016 may pose the highest risk of carpet damage due to grit, dirt, salt, or other ice-melting chemicals. Carpet cleaning in Sandwich is our business at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip and we can handle every kind of carpet or rug and every kind of carpet stain.

It’s not the water from the snowmelt that does the damage, but the water does carry unseen elements that can seep down into your carpet fibers and cause problems in days ahead. The visible dirt carries its own alert. As soon as it’s seen, it’s usually vacuumed away, and while the pebbles and small stones that may be part of the mud can damage the tufting and fibers of your carpets, they are usually taken up with the other dirt.

But consider the material that dissolves: Road salt enters the house in solution on boots and shoes and is deposited unseen deep into the carpet. After evaporation the salt crystals remain, their sharp edges cutting through the carpet threads every time someone walks across the spot. In addition to salt, other chemicals are now used to speed the melting of ice at lower temperatures. They can cause damage and discoloration to your carpet as well.

Sandwich is a busy community with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, even in winter. Protect your carpets during the worst months of the year with professional carpet cleaning from ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip. Give us a call today.