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Ask About Air Duct Cleaning in the DeKalb, Illinois Area

When it comes to air duct cleaning in the DeKalb, Illinois area, there are a few important facts for you to note before getting started. Although air duct cleaning may seem relatively straightforward, there are factors such as air quality, timing, and maintenance that need to be considered throughout the process.

If you’re thinking about a high-quality air duct cleaning within your home, it’s important to get your questions answered before you begin:

 What are the health benefits of residential air duct cleaning?

Routine HVAC cleaning has been proven to remove harmful bacteria, fungi, mold, and other contaminants from within your heating and air conditioning system, which means it’s also removed from the air within your home!

 How often should residential air duct systems be cleaned?

Cleaning is dependent on a few factors within your home. For example, if there are smokers or pets living in your household, you may wish to consider frequent cleaning. Additionally, after remodeling a home, or when moving into a new home, take the time to invest in a quality air duct cleaning!

 Would a quality air duct cleaning reduce my residential energy bills?

According to the EPA, routine cleaning of your heating and air conditioning system can improve its overall quality and allow it to run more efficiently. In the long run, this will keep your air duct system running correctly and save you a little cash!

How should I select a professional residential air duct cleaning company?

Take the time to select a high quality company! That means checking for the proper licenses and certifications and avoiding advertisements that sound too good to be true. A high-quality cleaner will be honest and upfront about prices, not hiding behind scam sales or deals!

Still have a few questions about a professional grade, residential air duct cleaning in the DeKalb, Illinois area? Contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip at (815)-754-5500 today!