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After the Party is Over: Stain Removal in DeKalb, IL from ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip

What are the two most common hot buffet items for every winter party? Meatballs and cocktail wieners— and most likely they are cooked in and served from oceans of tomato-based sauce. To that you can add hot wings, which have their own version of red sauce, and then shrimp, again with a red cocktail sauce. Don’t forget the Mexican food, again with plenty of tomato sauce, but with the addition of hot melted cheese.

You can already see where we’re going with all this. If all this great food doesn’t end up in people’s mouths, it lands on your floor. And it may not even be noticed at the time. One more item we can’t avoid mentioning: red wine. That completes the menu for a messy stained floor. That’s where ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip comes in with the best deep cleaning treatments for carpet cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning, and stain and odor removal in Sycamore, DeKalb, or other communities in DeKalb County.

We have the latest technology and training to remove even set-in food stains from carpeting, no matter what the textile or fiber type, as well as from area rugs and runners. If someone spills on your furniture, we can clean that as well. One of the more concerning accidents to some homeowners is the spill of highly colored organics on wooden floors. They worry that the color will permanently stain the wood. We are experts at all types of wood flooring and will make it look like new. Did you know some liquids have the potential to discolor stone? As more homes are built, builders are diversifying their flooring materials. We are seeing more stone and a wide range of tile and stone composites. Our technicians are trained to understand the chemical potential of each type of stain and how best to remove it. We’ll professionally clean the surface and polish stone floors so they look like they’ve just been installed.

The complexity of flooring types is a significant reason to use a professional cleaning service. No one should be expected to remember how to treat each type of floor for each type of mishap. By calling ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip,