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Floor Cleaning for All Flooring Types in Somonauk, IL

September 10th, 2018 · No Comments

When it comes to cleaning unique flooring in Somonauk, IL, you may feel intimidated by certain types of stone, wood, or other materials. Because these types of floors require specific cleaning techniques and tools, make sure that you understand what to do before you get started with floor cleaning!


Here are just a few ideas for cleaning unique flooring from the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip:



Hardwood floors add a natural, relaxed feeling to your home — until someone spills red wine or tracks mud indoors. This type of flooring should be treated with care and cleaned the same way. Don’t drag furniture across hardwood floors or use harsh, acidic solutions to clean its surface. Instead, use neutral cleaners or even freshly brewed tea to treat your hardwood!



Pay attention to the amount of water that comes into contact with laminate flooring. Mop up spills immediately, and opt for spot cleaning rather than a full-floor cleaning. Additionally, a regular dry mopping will keep your floors looking clean. Finally, noticing scuff marks on the surface of your floor? Use a tennis ball to remove scuffs!


Natural Stone:

Even the toughest types of floors need to be treated carefully while cleaning. Natural stone requires neutral cleaning products, as anything with a high acidity will change the appearance and quality of the stone. Also, apply a stain prevention layer to your natural stone floor after it has been cleaned. Make sure to apply this solution to the entire floor and allow it to dry completely!

Floor Cleaning for All Types!

Unique floors make for unique spaces in Somonauk, IL. Rather than risk the appearance, quality, or cleanliness of your flooring, make sure that it’s cleaned properly. Call the professional floor cleaners at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip today at (815) 498-9696, and make sure that your unique floors always look their best!

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